Sissy get taught

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Lessons on how to properly use a sissy

I was lucky to have connected with a dominant on craigslist a few years back, I wore my favorite black midi dress, cute black lace panties and a simple black bra. The heels were a size to small but i didnt care as i walked to hs front door. In his message he instructed me to knock and then turn around and wait. I stood there on his front porch dressed like a girl for over 5 minutes as he kept yelling affirmations through the door "good girl" "good girl" finally he opened the door behind me and immediatly covered my head in a pillow case, he had cut a hole where my mouth was. After he lined the hole up he tied a rope snuggly around my neck to secure the pillow case. He slowly guided me in to his home, i was blinded by the pillow case and nervous as ever. He had me standing in the middle of his living room for a couple minutes as he snapped multiple pictures, thne i heard him come towards me and he slowly removed my lace panties. "these are mine now sissy" he then toom my hands and tied them tightly behind my back and made me kneel down. He helped guide my mouth onto a large dildo attached to a chair. "NOW FUCK YOUR THROAT SISSY" He instructed. I hadnt trained my throat much back then so i did my best, gagging and choking as i destroyed my sissy mouth, i felt his hand on the back of my head and on one deep throat he pushed HARD.... he held me there for over a minute. I couldnt breath i couldnt choke, my eyes were filled with tears, i felt like i was about to pass out. He removed his hand an di took a big breath. He helped me to me feet and spun me around and said "ok sissy lets get your pussy ready, FUCK YOURSELF SISSY!" and he had me lift my dress and he guided me onto that large rubber cock. I started slowly at first,m the pressure inside my ass was intense but then it started to feel great so i started to bounce faster and faster i felt my sissy cunt stretching more and more, my thighs burning as i continued to bounce over and over, i wanted that rubber cock so much in those minutes. I fucked my ass for over 15 minutes as he stood back and took pictures and video of his toy.  "ok good girl, its okay to stop" he made me sit down on that dildo, it was all the wat inside of me, i wiggled around wanting to be fucked some more. He then took his rock hard cock and guided it into my sissy mouth and started to violentlly fuck my face he was relentless and i was helpless, i felt him pushing me further and further backon the chair until my feel left the ground, al of my weight on that cock inside my ass his thrusts inside my mouth over and over, the gagging and choking as even more intense then when i fucked my own throat. I was getting fucked on both ends and no end in site. eventuallt he stopped and pushed me from behind until i fell face down on the floor, he immediatly pounced and forced his huge cock into my swollen ass hole fucking me like he hated me for some reason, hi thrusts kept sliding me forward until me head was pressed against hi brick fire place, i felt my knees burning from the carpet burns, my throat had been abused to the point it felt swollen and partially closed off and my boi pussy was still being used. after what felt like 30 minutes of brutal fucking he stopped and quickly rolled me over. He had removed his condem and was jerking himself off, cumming allover my sissy chest and my favorite black dress. He didnt offer me a towel or a clean up he just stood me up and guided me to the door, he opened it and pushed me out, he untied my hands and closed the door behind me. I was standing there exhausted and swollen covering his sweat and his cum. I untied the rope around my neck an dremoved the pillow case and walked to my car. I learned that night what a sissy is good for, and I knew then and there that I was forever a sissy slut.