Liam Learns.

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21 year old student gets in way over his head

Liam was trouble.

He was relatively short for a guy at 5'6" and naturally thin. His shoulder length black hair fell naturally in ringlets and with this high cheek bones, full lips and captivating green/grey eyes he could've been a model.

He was smart, too smart for his own good - he never learnt when to keep his mouth shut, which resulted in the occasional beating (when he hadn't been quick witted enough to escape) and many failed attempts at dating as he would invariably say the wrong thing at the wrong time and ruin any chance he had.

He also had an inbuilt drive to look for the shortcut, to find the cheat or an easy way out. His despairing parents often said if he put a tenth of the effort he used trying to find a cheat into his studies he would be a billionaire. But they were wasting their breath, Liam thought he was the smartest person in the room and loved working out how to cheat or fake doing something far more than actually doing it.

Liam started selling drugs at high school, dealing a little weed to give himself some protection from the jocks and some attention from the girls. No one was willing to beat up the little weirdo when he seemed to have a regular supply of good weed and there was always a girl looking to score some for a college party she was hoping to get invited to .

At college Liam studied chemistry, his latest harebrained get rich quick scheme was to make synthetic drugs and sell them to students and on the dark web.

College provided him with a regular supply of customers but Liam soon realised that students are mostly broke and bad at managing money. Some of the wealthier students had existing dealers and they weren't interested in being insulted by a sarcastic, pale, thin little nerd while buying product. The rest were too unreliable to base a successful business on.

So Liam had to expand his market in order to meet his grand ambitions of being the next Gus Frings, he started dealing all over town, he thought that if he kept moving from place to place that he would avoid the attention of any established dealers as he would never stick around in one territory for long enough to be noticed.

The problem was Liam's ambition was matched only by his laziness. He wanted to make enough money so he wouldn't have to keep hustling the streets without any of the effort required, so after six months of dealing all over the town he worked out which areas had the most buyers and which buyers bought the most. Then he promptly abandoned his guerrilla warfare strategy of keeping on the move in order not to not get caught and settled into a routine of two weeks in one place, two weeks in another.

Once again he thought he was the smartest guy in the room and would never get caught, so it came as a complete shock to the college student when there was a knock at his door one night. He opened it to see three huge guys dressed in black scowling at him. They were all very well built, the black t-shirts didn't hide the muscle definition and the guns pushed into their tight jeans only served to direct Liam's gaze to their big bulges, tree trunk like legs and combat boots.

"Come with me if you want to live." Said the white guy in the middle of the trio. Liam smirked and was about to open his mouth to say something stupid when the black guy on the right raised his eyebrow and the thick set arabic looking one on the left patted the handle of his gun.

Liam promptly shut his mouth, laced up a battered old pair of trainers and followed them into their car.

The ride was long, silent and uncomfortable, Liam was wedged in the back between the black guy and the middle eastern looking one, the air was filled with the smell of cigarettes and expensive aftershave.

The car pulled up in front of a big old house in what used to be the rich part of town. A sprawling three storey imitation gothic pile that looked like every haunted house ever.

They got out of the car, the white guy led the way up the steps unlocked the first door then entered a code on a keypad and the second door swung open. Liam was dragged into the house by the neck, marched down a long hallway into a large room and was unceremoniously thrown to the floor, his hair obstructing the sight out of one eye.

"Well... well... well..." said a sultry feminine voice "now what do we have here?"

Liam strained to look in the direction of the voice but a weighty boot was planted on his neck, further limiting Liam's view and his ability to breathe.

The voice then sharply addressed the three guys behind him "This guy? Seriously? This is the guy that's been putting such a dent in my profit? I don't know what's more pathetic, this skinny little white bitch or the bullshit you three been spinning! 'Night stalker'? For fucks sake! This pretty little waif looks like he's not old enough to shave!".

"I'm 21" choked out Liam, "and I still rang rings around you, and your boys" he added, unable to help himself.

"Ha" laughed the woman, "stand this cute little thing up and let's take a proper look at him." (Liam involuntarily scowled, he hated being called cute.) her big hazel eyes sparkled in amusement "you got spunk kid, I like that." she purred and gave him a seductive and predatory smile, it was probably a trick of the light but in that moment her eyes darkened and something very much like hunger flashed across her beautiful face.

Her teeth were bright white against her full, ruby red lips and caramel skin. "I'm feeling uncharacteristically generous tonight, so I'll give you a choice. You can either get fucked by me, or the three stooges behind you."

Liam's mouth fell open. For the first time in his life he was speechless.

"What's the matter boy? Cat got your tongue?" she said with a flirty giggle at the comical expression on Liam's face.

"I, err, umm, what?" stammered Liam.

"It's simple bitch, you've been dealing on my turf. Uninvited I might add, stealing my customers, attracting unwanted attention, making a nuisance of yourself and generally fucking things up. So since you fucked with me, I'm going to fuck you."

"Normally I'd tell the boys here to put you in hospital but you are a very attractive young man and you sure do got a pretty mouth." she said with a dangerous grin, (the duelling banjos from Deliverance started playing in Liam's head and he shivered.) "So I'm giving you a choice, either I fuck you or my boys here fuck you up."

She spread her arms wide and smiled down on him benevolently, as if she was being exceptionally generous.

"And just who the fuck are you?" Liam spat in a show of bravado. One of 'the boys' smacked him round the back of his head, he saw stars and his ears rang.

The grin vanished, her face darkened again and malice sparkled in her eyes "My name is Miss Duke." she replied, leaving the rest unsaid.

The blood drained from Liam's face. Miss Duke a.k.a. "Lizzy B" a.k.a. "the Bloody Countess" a.k.a. "Triple D" was the most feared drug lord in the state. He'd heard the horror stories but as always Liam thought he was the smartest person in the room and that his genius would mean he'd get away with it.


Her face brightened at his reaction and that seductive, dangerous smile danced across it, the look of terror and vulnerability on his beautiful face was a real aphrodisiac.

She drank it in.

She glanced at her three henchmen, "take him to my room. Go find your fun elsewhere."

Liam was led upstairs to what looked like the master bedroom, it was dominated by a huge four poster bed, full length mirrors lined one wall and a old fashioned dressing table covered in bottles and potions stood opposite the bed. There was a big mirror surrounded by lights (the type you used to see in actresses dressing rooms) propped up on the table. Several antique looking pieces of furniture and the numerous lit candles gave the room a seductive burlesque air.

He picked himself up off the floor and looked around the room for a way to escape as he desperately tried to think of a way out of this mess, the room had three doors, the one he had just been thrown through, an open door that looked like a walk in closet and another one, which he judged to be an ensuite. He was sizing up his chances of jumping out of the window when he heard the sound of stilettos on the hard wood floor and in sauntered Miss D. Liam charged at her in blind panic, trying to simply run through her, down the stairs and out the door counting on the element of surprise and his speed to get him enough breathing space so that he could think of a better plan.

However, she saw him coming and easily pivoted to the side and brought her knee up, slamming into Liam's gut knocking the wind out of him and leaving him folded double wheezing on the floor at her feet.

She grabbed him by the hair and hauled him up onto his knees in a surprising show of strength.

Liam swung a fist wildly at her, missing by miles. Miss D slapped him hard across the face, followed by a vicious back hander and kicked him savagely in the balls. Liam threw his head back, eyes closed, silently screaming in pain, his hands cupping his balls reflexively.

With Liam frozen in agony Miss D took the opportunity to undress, peeling her daisy dukes and white silk boy shorts off her perfect, peachy ass in one go, leaving on the white fishnet stockings and 4" heels she was so fond of. Her baggy hoodie and bra were discarded next until she stood proudly in her stockings and heels, glorying in her naked hourglass figure, her magnificent 32DDD tits and her fat 8" cock semi erect.

Liam was oblivious to the spectacular sight in front of him, his eyes were still closed, lost in his own world of pain. Miss D stood in front of his wide open mouth, plump pink lips shining with spit, practically begging for cock. She ran her manicured fingers through his shoulder length black hair, took his head in her hands and slowly fed her cock into his mouth.

He opened his eyes in surprise at the unfamiliar sensation of a thick cock sliding on his tongue, his lips instinctively started to suck as his mouth flooded with saliva and his tongue started to gently, almost lovingly lick the cock that was slowly moving in and out of his mouth.

Miss D was momentarily surprised by his reaction, the boy was gifted, she smiled as his lips and tongue started to work their instinctive magic and fed him a couple more inches, her cock slowly hardening under Liam's tentative ministrations. He gagged as the head of the cock hit the back of his throat and he pulled back, his teeth grazing her meaty shaft. She hissed and took a firmer grip on his head and shoved her hips forwards, using her cock like a battering ram but again Liam's gag reflex repelled her brutally thick, fully hard cock. She tried again but the boy choked and nearly vomitted, seeing that reaction she grudgingly relented and pulled her cock back so just the head and first few inches were in Liam's mouth, then purred as he went back to licking and suckling at her cock like a newborn at its mothers' teat.

The boy was not only a walking wet dream but a natural cock sucker as well, his hands which had been covering his balls now slowly made their way up her thighs to softly fondle and cradle her ass, pulling her gently and insistently forwards and back in a slow, sensual rocking motion that matched the movements of his mouth, lips and tongue, his eyes still closed as he lovingly worshipped her cock.

The look of submissive ecstasy on the boy's angelic features as he rhythmically sucked her obscenely large cock was going to make her cum, she could sense the orgasm rising in her balls but she was torn, she desperately wanted her cock rammed down his throat, to dominate him, to cum all over his beautiful face and feed it to him, forever marking him as hers. On the other hand, she'd never had a blowjob this good before in her life, the boy was like a combination of Mozart, Thelonious Monk and Eddie Van Halen, with the looks of River Phoenix and it was taking every last ounce of will power not to succumb to his delightful talents.

One thing she did know was that she didn't want to cum too soon, so she pulled her heavy, spit soaked cock out of his mouth, took a few steps back and took a deep breath. This was another test, his initial response had surprised her, he gagged like she had expected but then he had made love to her cock with a tender passion that almost made her cum in seconds. Now she wanted to see if he would submit to her again.

Liam opened his eyes, now that the cock was out of his mouth the spell it had cast was temporarily broken. He looked up to see Miss D naked, her lithe, shapely legs clad in white fishnet stockings, her throbbing, mouth-wateringly thick 8" cock stood proudly, glistening with his saliva, rivers of pre cum flowed down the shaft soaking her achingly full balls, her slender waist with belly button piercing glinting in the candle light, her incredible tits crowned with big nipples that begged to be sucked and chewed on, her elegant neck and her pouting, full red lips, blushing cheeks and sparkling hazel eyes, shining in arousal. She was a vision, a modern Venus rising from the collective male subconscious, simultaneously innocently imploring to be fucked and at the same time daring you to just try it.

He began to shuffle towards her on his knees, she placed a foot on his chest and he stopped. "You're over dressed young man." she smiled down at him. Liam shrugged off his jacket and pulled his t-shirt off over his head, he unbuckled his jeans and awkwardly scrambled out of them, taking his underpants shoes and socks off at the same time then eagerly went back to his knees, his pleasingly thick 5" dick, hard and dripping. She checked him out, he had that movie star face and a body that definitely had potential but was being abused by hours of slouching in front of screens and junk food, hinting at how hot he could be with a diet regime and a good personal trainer.

Miss D smiled and gave him a seductive "come hither" look, Liam stared back blankly, it would've been funny if she wasn't horny as fuck and he hadn't just given her a world class blowjob.

She sighed internally, how could someone that beautiful with oral skills that bordered on otherworldly be so utterly fucking clueless? She put one hand gracefully on her hip and tapped her foot, the message finally seemed to get through the mist that was clouding his mind and he started forwards again, reaching out to wrap his delicate fingers around her shaft when she stopped him. He looked up questioningly and she shook her head "no hands boy, that's cheating."

He instead wrapped his arms around her waist and tenderly pulled her closer, he opened his mouth and kissed her cock from base to tip then deliberately licked it long and slow, making sure to tease the head and lap up the bitter, spicy, addictive pre-cum as it steadily pulsed from the tip. He alternated the light teasing butterfly kisses and deliberate licks, watching her arousal build, her sighs and moans like music to his ears.

She was almost at the point of no return again, damn this boy was too good to be true! With a shudder she told him to lick her balls, he moved lower and opened his mouth wider, her essence was stronger here, that intoxicating scent was flooding his nose just as the taste of her was flooding his mouth, her balls were as big as plums, so big he couldn't fit them both in his mouth at the same time. He settled for tongue bathing one and swapping over taking deep breaths, Miss D saw an opportunity and tilted his head back and pulled his jaw down, forcing both balls into his salivating mouth at the same time. Liam felt one ball lodge in his throat and panicked as his air supply was cut off, Miss D groaned as she felt his throat squeezing her, she pulled his mouth open as wide as she could and stroked his throat while she whispered "swallow baby, breathe and swallow, swallow and breathe" Liam's struggling slowed, he breathed through his nose and swallowed again, successfully taking both her balls into his tight virgin throat.

Miss D threw her head back and sighed in pleasure, luxuriating in the feel of his spasming throat squeezing her balls firmly. Liam's struggles were getting weaker and his face was starting to turn blue, his dick was harder than it had ever been in his life, waves of euphoria were washing through him and his mind was filled with a peaceful bliss. She glanced down at him and noted the vacant stare in his eyes and how his struggles had slowed, his hands now dreamily stroking her thighs and thought she had better let the boy take a breath, she didn't want him to die before she'd finished having her fun.

With a wet, sucking pop she pulled her balls out of Liam's raw throat and he collapsed to the floor, gasping for breath. She took the opportunity to drag the recovering boy up on to her king size four poster bed and position him on his back with his head hanging off the edge of the bed. She wrapped her hands possessively around his throat and pushed her achingly hard cock back inside his oh so warm, wet, willing mouth. They both groaned in pleasure as she sank inch after thick inch of her cock into his drooling mouth, she pushed forwards determined to claim him as her own person cum dump. When the head of her cock reached the back of his throat, she braced herself and brutally shoved forwards. His gag reflex had already been weakened when he had swallowed her balls and this time it gave way, welcoming its new owner home. She moaned in satisfaction as she felt her cock stretch out his throat, Liam tried to moan in pleasure at the fullness in his throat, the forced engorgement created a maddening itch of pleasure and every gentle thrust deeper only amplified that need to have it scratched. His eyes rolled back in his head and he gave himself over to her, his world shrank to her cock in his throat and the pleasure it was giving him. His dick flexed and drooled pre-cum as he groaned around her cock and she quivered as she felt the vibrations.

Miss D was smiling like the cat that got the cream, the wet dream lying in front of her was sucking her cock like his life depended on it (which it did) but also loving it based on his reactions. She controlled the pace, enjoying every second, his moans like music to her ears and when she felt his hands caress up and down the back of her thighs and her ass, she knew she wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer.

Her breathing grew ragged, her rhythm became erratic, stuttering. Her cock grew impossibly longer and harder and with a final glorious roar she came, the first few shots went straight down his throat. After the first intense blast of cum she pulled out of his aching throat with a wet squelch and continued to cum in his mouth, coating his tongue. He tried to swallow to stop himself from drowning but it was too much and her potent seed leaked out of his mouth and down his face in rivulets. Her orgasm triggered his own and Liam's dick erupted, shooting cum on to his chest in four big ropes of cum.

Miss D still had her semi hard cock in his mouth and he continued to gently suck and lick her magnificent cock clean of spit and cum. "Mmmm" she purred "good boy", Liam's dick twitched at that and cum oozed from his softening dick. "Mucky pup too" she gently scolded, "Look at the mess you made. I don't remember telling you to cum."

Liam was dazed from the lack of oxygen, nearly drowning in spit and cum and the earth shattering orgasm he had just experienced. His mind had melted into a puddle of gooey, sexual pleasure the first time Miss D had fed him her cock and his body had become a vessel for her enjoyment. She had used him like a toy and he was dimly aware that she was nowhere near done with him yet.

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Love the story. Thank you, for sharing

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